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I was terrorized by the very thought of taking an exam or working a problem for the class. I froze every time. It did not matter how well I did the problems on my own or with my tutor ahead of time. I always froze for the tests. Working with Brenna helped me overcome my fear of testing, and I actually have come to like math. I must admit that it is still not my favorite class, but it is somewhat enjoyable to me at this point. I understand that the problems and how they are worked does not change regardless of what numbers are plugged in. It is a great feeling to know that I can work almost any problem that it thrown at me as I have come to trust this constancy in math. What a great feeling it is to have come to this point. My major is extremely math oriented. I was on the verge of changing majors because of my fears of math before I tried hypnosis. Thank you so much Brenna for saving my chosen college major and future career. CR Logan, Utah.

I have worked at Utah State University for seven years now. Due to budget cuts, there has been a considerable amount of combining jobs. This has created a great deal of pressure for me to perform at a much higher level. There have been additional classes and tests that have been required. The stress of work along with being a single mom was really taking its toll on me. I sought help for stress relief from Brenna and cannot believe the results I got. I felt better about my life, myself, my job, and my kids. I started sleeping through the night again and felt healthier and more alive than I had in a long time. Brenna truly cared about the issues and struggles I was dealing with. Her caring and skills got me through a very rough time. I love the skills she taught me to help me get through stressful times and to relax and get to sleep even when my mind is racing. The secrets she gave me will help me and my children for years to come. I so appreciated her attitude and her open door policy. She also accepted me at face value with no judgments. I loved the way I felt when I left her office. I am so much calmer and at peace with my life now. Thank you Brenna. You are a life saver. Trudy Logan, Utah

The dentist was the scariest experience I could imagine. I had to be medicated heavily before every visit, or I would lock my jaw and no one could get near my teeth. It was not the healthiest experience for me physically or mentally. A friend recommended Brenna to me because he had had great results with another problem she helped him with. It was amazing the difference it made. I was relaxed when I entered the office. I expected to tense up a little at some point, but I made it through the entire experience from teeth cleaning and xrays to dental work without the least concern. The difference in me was unbelieveable. I sitll cannot get over the change. I heartily recommend Brenna to anyone. Ron—Ogden, Utah

It feels like I am floating on a cloud. Thanks MOM! TW Brigham, UT


Thank you very much for opening my eyes to the world of hypnotism as a means to self improvement. My skepticism towards hypnosis has prevented me from learning the right answers to helping me with my darkest troubles. Together with perserverance and great coaching, I truly am greatful for this new found resource of energy. Thank you again, Alan W.

When I went into Aspenwood Center, I was very unsure about the whole idea of hypnosis.  The fact that I was desperate made me give it a chance.  Brenna was great to work with.  She patiently explained the process to me and made me feel very safe and at ease.  It worked so well with me that I quickly started to bring my teen daughters in as well.  Academic success and attitude adjustments were evident early on.  Sharing the experience also brought us closer together as mom and teens—not an easy prospect.  I am so thankful to Brenna for all she has done working with my family.  It is a wonderful experience that we all will continue to enjoy as we work to be better people.  There is so much that hypnosis can help us with.  I also love the feeling I get when I am in hypnosis and the day goes so much better with it.  I am so glad to have found Brenna and hypnosis.  Thank you.  JS—Logan
We were really struggling with some issues when we pursued hypnosis to change some very bad habits in our lives.  Aspenwood Center and their staff were particularly understanding and helpful. Hypnosis brought some very positive changes into our relationship and made us closer.  It was a wonderful experience.  Emily & John—Logan
I have longed to perform better on the golf course when golfing with my father for some time now.  I turned to hypnosis to help improve my concentration and skill level.  I was surprised to get immediate results.  It just keeps getting better and better thanks to hypnosis and Aspenwood’s help.    Troy--Logan