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Imprint CDs

The Imprint CD's are over 60 minutes in length.  These exciting CD's combine soothing music with positive suggestions that will aid in removing negative imprints.  
It has also been shown that these CD's will help to avoid future imprints. Since hypnosis will not
be induced, the CD can be played anytime in any place, even while driving a car. The key to the success of these CD's is the use of repetition.

CD-22 Weight Loss Imprint Terminator:  This CD will help remove any and all negative imprints that have been kept you from reaching your goals.  $20.00

CD-24 Success Imprint Terminator:  This CD will help remove the fear of success and eliminate past thoughts that have prevented you from achieving total success. $20.00

CD-27 Happiness Imprint Terminator: This is the perfect CD to remove a variety of
different types of imprints, and produce a happy, healthier life.

CD-28  Imprint terminator for Children:  This powerful CD focuses on school work and
building self-esteem in children.  Perfect for children between the ages of eight and fifteen
years old.

CD-222 Terminator (All 4 CD's) $75.00Imprint CDs


Hypnosis CDs

Hypnosis CDs contain inductions and scripts that are to be used only while you have the ability to fully relax and listen intently. These CDs are developed for a specific topic and are tailored for each individual. These CDs are also available for only $20.

Hypnosis Books

Walking with Angels: A Healing Jouney will be available soon. Ask for details.