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What is NLP?

What is NLP, and how does it benefit you? This class, both live and home study, is designed to be a resource for you for the rest of your life, to teach you what NLP is and how to effectively use it.

You will learn more in this intensive, power-packed course than most students learn in long, drawn out, training classes. If NLP enables rapid change, why not learn rapidly? We use NLP to teach NLP - in plain, everyday English!!! Have fun, expand your awareness, and experience deep change NOW!!!

If you’ve asked several people what NLP is, you probably received different answers from each one. That’s why those of us at NFNLP want to simplify this complicated art, and get you information you can instantly use.

Constance Polanski, who took NLP from its co-creators, and advanced training from ABNLP states, “Of all the trainings in NLP that I have been exposed to, NFNLP is the only training that brings it down to earth, and gives you techniques you can use the next day in your life! I got to experience NLP for the first time, not theory, not talking about it, but doing it! If you want to learn real deal NLP, take a course from our NFNLP trainer today!

This is the most power-packed, intensive, and useful training you could ever be exposed to. This class goes beyond the jargon of NLP and shows you the secrets of how NLP really works. You will learn and master the basic NLP techniques that have made NLP famous. We use NLP to teach NLP.

You will learn the tools of how to make this rapid-change technology a reality. You will learn – in easy-to-comprehend English -- from the people who exposed the secret myth of NLP. This is an intensive, hands-on experience.

Skills for success!

NLP Basic Practitioner

In NLP you develop basic skills to enhance your journey to success. You will learn to:

Why you should take this course NOW:

Get results you can count on. Rich Alexander says he learned more about helping people change by learning NLP from NFNLP. He also got rid of years of personal “trash” that had been holding him back from success.

Elevate your skills to new levels. In this fast-paced, hands-on learning experience, you will:

You will master these NLP techniques that you can use immediately:

Overview of what you will learn:

You will learn all this in an environment that is supportive and loads of fun. This has been said by many to be the most effective, influential training you can take. Both the live and home study courses are developed with YOU in mind.

Learn from the people who broke the code of silence to teach YOU the secrets of NLP.

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course

* Requirements: A Basic NLP Practitioner certification through NFNLP or another recognized certifying agency.

This course is focused on giving you the skills of waking hypnosis, how to use NLP and hypnosis without formal trance, and how gaining direct access into a person’s subconscious processing abilities is the key to getting others to do what you want.

You will learn the words that change minds, the true language of subconscious influence. You will master the powerful filters each person uses to make sense of their experiences, screen out data, what to pay attention to, and what to ignore. Now you will learn the secret of working with these filters, and use them to effectively influence every area of your life. This is the most powerful training you can take. You will leave all of your limiting beliefs in the rubble, and program yourself to become the master of success you want to be.

During the Master NLP training at the National Guild of Hypnotists last year, we had a couple of people who took -- among others -- Sleight of Mouth, Covert Hypnosis, and Advanced Language Pattern Training. The NFNLP Master Certification class, however, was the first class that actually taught them how to do Waking Hypnosis and how to subconsciously influence others at will.

At another Master training, we had people who took the much longer, more expensive trainings and were shocked to learn how much they didn’t know about real-world NLP. You will learn more in this intensive, power-packed course than most learn in long, drawn out, formal training. If NLP makes change rapid, why not learn rapidly? We use NLP to teach NLP - in plain, easy-to-understand English! Have fun, expand your awareness, and experience deep change NOW.
You will learn and experience the little-known nuances of conscious/subconscious awareness for understanding human behavior and rapidly accelerating change. Plus you will learn covert NLP and hypnosis skills.

You will master advanced applications of NLP -- learn and create new patterns and strategies for success, happiness and achievement. You will move to the forefront of the field and participate in the future of NLP by creating new patterns.

In this course, you will learn how to:

Hands-on Learning:

This course isn’t just for “professionals” using NLP; it’s for anyone who wants to improve and direct their life to be successful and prosperous. Whether you are in a health-related field, social work, sales, teaching, public speaking, or any other profession – these powerful techniques will help you both profesionally and personally.

Learn from the people who broke the code of silence to teach YOU the secrets of NLP.