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The National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. is a not-for-profit, educational corporation in the State of New Hampshire. Founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1951 the Guild is a professional organization comprised of dedicated individuals committed to advancing the field of hypnotism. They provide an open forum for the free exchange of ideas concerning hypnotism. The Guild is a resource for members and a vehicle for legal and legislative action.  NGH was established in 1951 by an enthusiastic group of hypnotists and Dr. Rexford L. North, Director of the Hypnotism Center of Boston, MA. Within a short time, local chapters were formed and operating in many major cities throughout the US and Canada.  Important resources through the years have been The Journal of Hypnotism and The Hypno-Gram, the very first publications devoted exclusively to the field of hypnotism.  This unique organization continues to encourage an eclectic exchange of ideas, fellowship, mutual trust and cooperation among members - while promoting and protecting the art, science and philosophy of hypnotism. As President and Executive Director, Dr. Dwight F. Damon has made it his mission to do everything possible to have our field recognized as a separate and distinct profession. The Guild has always assisted wherever needed, helping other groups and individuals in various states regardless of their affiliations.  Each year the NGH holds an educational conference attended by hypnotists from around the world.

NFNLP—National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programmers

What makes NFNLP unique?  We are the only organization of its kind internationally.  We have developed a proven curriculum for our students to give  the best educational experience possible .  Our members are always up to date on the newest, most effective techniques.   NFNLP maintains a high quality training staff to ensure that our members are well trained.  They are the best NLP practitioners on an international scale.  We spend time in our active clinic and Learning Center working with clients to help them.  Membership in our organization will allow anyone using NLP to know the latest breakthroughs and constantly allows for new learning experiences for all its members.