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Classes and Individual Sessions Offered for: Hypnotist Training, NLP Training, Self Worth, Weight Loss, Stress Relief, Career/Wealth Magnet, Life Skills, Sports Performance, Academic Performance and Test Anxiety, Healing Life's Hurts and Past Traumas, Smoking Cessation, Hypnobirthing/Pain relief, Breaking Bad Habits, Relationship Building, Overcoming Fears, Self Hypnosis, Clearing Skin, Immunity Booster, Overcoming Worries, Sleeplessness, Financial Well-being and Performance Technique, Raising Children With Hypnosis, Self Esteem for Teens and Moms,  Relaxation, Whatever Holds You Back! ANYTHING that keeps you from being your BEST.


 Life’s Hurts—A Spiritual Journey to Self Empowerment

This course is a twelve step spiritual journey to healing and working to overcome the obstacles that hold us back from functioning at our capacity.  Each of us has had life experiences that have hurt us along our life path.  These experiences leave us broken and give us baggage to carry as we move through life.  Understanding this, each participant will address their personal needs and life events.  This class is primarily for adults whose childhoods were negatively impacted by a less-than-nurturing environment or those who presently find themselves in such an environment.  This class will help you become a better YOU!!!

The classes are as follows:

1—Coming to terms with your personal story and the fact that life is not working as well as you would like
2—Starting the journey to wholeness; committing to participation and change; trusting your ability to bring about change for the better
3—Redefining your knowledge and understanding of yourself; working through your decision making process for personal enlightenment
4—Addressing dysfunction in the home and in life; further addressing areas in your life that need attention
5—Sweeping out your past demons; cleaning your house by airing them out; realizing you are not the sum total of your mistakes and the bad things that have happened to you
6—Letting go of defects and harmful character traits
7—Working at removing shortcomings one defect at a time
8—Taking responsibility for our actions without blame
9—Making an action plan of repair and revival
10—Caring for the garden of your life with vigilance to ensure the seeds of change you planted grow properly
11  being comfortable in your own skin; developing honest communication with yourself and others; becoming totally willing to be yourself
12—Noticing our growth and appreciating life-changing experiences

Relationship Enrichment
Fireproofing Your Relationship

Every marriage/relationship has its strengths and weaknesses.  This class provides a six-week journey of enriching what is and building something better.  Vital to a healthy relationship is developing honest communication without judgment and a willingness to be yourself totally for better or worse.  This class will help strengthen relationships and help you along the road to healing broken areas in self and as a couple.

Week1 is an introduction of the love dare concept.  It also is a time of self assessment as a couple.
Week 2 teaches skills to help keep the lines of communication open and address fears.
Week 3 addresses commitment and acceptance of the other as they are.
Week 4 discussion centers on trust issues and expectations.
Week 5 is an exercise in getting and staying on the same page in the relationship and setting goals. 
Week 6 introduces the practice of a gratitude journal for couples and teaches the importance of appreciation and gratitude for your partner.

Raising Children With Hypnosis

This class teaches you how to get your children in the zone and performing their best throughout life in all they do.  It teaches concentrating on the positives and bringing out the best in your children at all times.

Stress Relief

Stress causes a large variety of symptoms that can interfere with your life.  Headaches, compulsive eating, insomnia, fatigue and frequent infections are just a few.  If you feel lethargic, forgetful, pessimistic or unhappy you can benefit from stress relief hypnotherapy.  The power of your sub-conscious mind can be used to relieve these undesirable aspects from your life.  When you are stress free your blood pressure lowers, your heart rate, breathing and metabolism slows and you are able to sleep better.  Hypnosis is a great way to bring about relaxation at any time in your life.  Call today for individual hypnotherapy or group sessions for friends, family members or business associates.

Pain Relief/Hypnobirthing

Do you suffer from constant or frequent pain?  There are two types of pain.  The first kind is to let you know that something is wrong and needs attention.  The second type is when there is a condition that you already know about and are taking care of but the pain persists.  This is the type that can definitely be helped by hypnotherapy.  The power of the sub-conscious mind is able to help you feel only comfort and choose to not feel the pain or discomfort.  It is amazing that learning how the inner mind works and utilizing some special techniques can give you control over unwanted pain.  It is also amazing how pain can be lessened and experienced very differently in dental situations, birthing, and during other medical procedures using simple hypnosis techniques.

Clear Skin

You can reduce or eliminate skin problems and improve your skin’s overall condition.  The positive power of the sub-conscious mind is very effective for this purpose.  As you imagine in your mind that your blemishes are diminishing and your body is getting rid of toxins your mind actually affects your body to promote clear healthy skin.

Sports Success

Most Olympic and professional athletes use some kind of positive thought therapy.  They use their thoughts to condition their bodies to be prepared for any situation.  They are winners because they plan on winning.  They think about victory before they achieve it.  Hypnotherapy can be used to improve your technique or style, to eliminate fears, increase stamina, visualize winning and ensure your success.  Do you want to improve your golf swing, enhance the confidence of your soccer team, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball team or even be better at snow skiing?    All types of sports success hypnotherapy are available for individuals or teams.

Weight Loss

Losing weight with hypnotherapy is easy, fun and it works.  The power of the mind helps you have healthy attitudes towards food and exercise.  Often people eat for all the wrong reasons.  There are more appropriate things to do than eat if you’re bored, stressed out, lonely, or tired.  Learn to eat to nourish your body.  Chose high quality food in small quantities and keep your body hydrated by drinking clear, cold water.  You can even control how satisfied you stay after a meal.  You will feel motivated to exercise and enjoy it.  This is a pattern for the rest of your life, rather that a quick-fix diet.  Groups or individuals welcome.

Digestive System Relief

New studies are showing how effective hypnotherapy is for IBS and other digestive problems.  Often other treatments do not work.  But by using the power of the sub-conscious mind you can find relief.  It starts with relaxation then uses your thoughts to locate and soothe the irritation.  The nerve endings in the stomach are closely associated with the mind and they work together to achieve your comfort.  You will find relief. 

Smoking Cessation

It’s time to stop smoking.  You know the health risks.  Through the power of your mind you can finally put the awful habit behind you for good.  Science magazine says hypnotherapy is the BEST way to stop smoking.  With your desire to quit and our training and expertise you will be successful.  Call today for your appointment.

Self Esteem Building

Hypnosis is a great way to get in touch with your best self and learn to appreciate the great talent that exists in you.  Beliefs that you hold that may hold you back can be gotten rid of using hypnosis.  Hypnosis can revamp your belief system in such a way that you can begin to love yourself.  Self-confidence will grow as you bloom into the best person you can become.  You will learn to be comfortable in your own skin and appreciate all you are.

Academic Performance Improvement

Many people suffer from test anxiety and a belief that they are not good enough or smart enough to do well in school.  Hypnosis can address these fears and replace them with self confidence in your abilities to do well and shine on tests and in other situations where you feel judged.  Hypnosis can help you melt your fears away as you perform well on tests and in presentations.  Through hypnosis, your brilliance will shine as you grow in the knowledge that you know you can do well. 

Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis skills are taught in correlation will all types of sessions, so you can keep yourself on your desired track. Self hypnosis techniques can also be taught to help you overcome things in your personal life that you wish to work on.  These same techniques can be used throughout your life to accomplish great things and awaken the best that is in you.

Fall Asleep Easily

Relaxation techniques and learning self hypnosis will allow you to sleep well every night and awaken refreshed and full of energy each day.  Results happen with hypnosis.  You will enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Mom and Teen Enrichment   

These sessions are designed to keep moms and teenage girls on track in their relationships as hormones rage and the need to assert independence appears.  Keeping the relationship strong and the lines of communication open through hypnosis will improve the confidence level of both mom and teen and keep the relationship strong.

Overcome Fears

Each of us has fears, but often these fears can become debilitating and limit life’s possibilities.  Hypnosis allows these fears to become diminished and allows life to be lived to the fullest.  Dealing with the fears can allow for a relaxed, fulfilling experience where once fear would have ruled.  Live life fully thanks to the success of hypnosis.  It works!!!!

Wealth Magnet and Career Success

Have you ever noticed that some people naturally draw success and wealth to them.  There is nothing they do that does not flourish.  These people ooze positiveness.  They have learned to draw positive to them.  Hypnosis can teach you these skills to become a more positive, successful person.  Believe and achieve.  What you expect in life is what you will get, so sew the best.

Other types of sessions  include:  Procrastination, Releasing Talents, Breaking bad habits, Sexual Fulfillment, Handling loss and grief, fear of public speaking, compulsive sexual behaviors, and many others.  Hypnosis can help you with whatever holds you back.  Anything that keeps you from being your personal best can be helped with the aid of hypnosis.